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In a small Canadian town devastated by economic crisis, a young woman suddenly disappears without leaving a trace. Private investigator Marlène Bernard, from Montreal, starts to investigate. She starts finding disturbing evidences, and ends up being threatened by menacing local police and the oddness of the city. The mystery deepens as her investigation leads her to a strange religious community living on the fringes of society.

Directed by Antoine Besse
Writing by Aurélien Molas
Producer : John Doe x 22H22 / François Lardenois, Leonard Glowinski & Aurélien Molas
DOP : Emmanuel Bernard
Line Producer : Philippe Rey
Stylism : Caroline Bodson
Sound : Thomas Guytard
Editing : Cyril Besnard
Music  : Vincent Leibovitz
Grading : Ghislain Rio
Soundesign : Samuel Rouillard


***Nommée meilleur web série Globes de Cristal***

***Sélection officielle Séries Mania, catégorie Short Form***

***Sélection officielle Colcoa French Film Festival***